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    SubjectRe: [RFC] VM: I have a dream...
    Bryan Henderson wrote:
    > >[explanation of memory/disk split]
    > >...
    > >So we have a situation right now that imposes a legacy solution on
    > >hardware that is really screaming (64+) to be taken advantage of.
    > Put that way, you seem to be describing exactly single level storage as
    > seen in an IBM Eserver I Series (fka AS/400, nee System/38).

    To some extent.

    > So we know it works, but also that people don't seem to care much for it

    People didn't care, because the AS/400 was based on a proprietary solution.
    I remember a client being forced to dump an AS/400 due to astronomical
    maintenance costs.

    With todays generically mass-produced 64bit archs, what's not to care about a
    cost-effective system that provides direct mapped access into linear address



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