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SubjectRe: CD writing in future Linux (stirring up a hornets' nest)
On Jan 26, 2006, at 19:19, Albert Cahalan wrote:
> I may just be crazy enough to fork this project. I very nearly did
> about 18 months ago. I can't very well do this alone, because I
> don't have all the hardware

I will gladly test your fork on my various hardware here. I have a
desktop with Apple CD/RW+DVDROM and generic DVD+/-RW DL drive, and a
laptop with Apple DVD+/-RW drive. Just send or post patches
somewhere and I'll take a look. I suggest starting by looking at
some of the various distro patches, IIRC some of them have already
make significant cleanups.

> Matthias, can you give me a hand with this? I'll need a way to sort
> and publish incoming patches, letting them sit for a while. (like
> what Andrew Morton does for the kernel) This can't work like procps
> because the hardware varies too much.

Might I suggest quilt or stgit? Both allow you to maintain an
unstable and highly variable stack of patches based off a more stable
branch, from which some patches percolate down into stable occasionally.

Good luck with this!

Kyle Moffett

Simple things should be simple and complex things should be possible
-- Alan Kay

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