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    SubjectRe: [patch 0/9] Critical Mempools
    Christoph Lameter wrote:
    > On Wed, 25 Jan 2006, Matthew Dobson wrote:
    >>Using this new approach, a subsystem can create a mempool and then pass a
    >>pointer to this mempool on to all its slab allocations. Anytime one of its
    >>slab allocations needs to allocate memory that memory will be allocated
    >>through the specified mempool, rather than through alloc_pages_node() directly.
    > All subsystems will now get more complicated by having to add this
    > emergency functionality?

    Certainly not. Only subsystems that want to use emergency pools will get
    more complicated. If you have a suggestion as to how to implement a
    similar feature that is completely transparent to its users, I would *love*
    to hear it. I have tried to keep the changes to implement this
    functionality to a minimum. As the patches currently stand, existing slab
    allocator and mempool users can continue using these subsystems without

    >>Feedback on these patches (against 2.6.16-rc1) would be greatly appreciated.
    > There surely must be a better way than revising all subsystems for
    > critical allocations.

    Again, I could not find any way to implement this functionality without
    forcing the users of the functionality to make some, albeit very minor,
    changes. Specific suggestions are more than welcome! :)


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