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    SubjectProblems with MSI-X on ia64
    Has anyone tested MSI-X on ia64 based platforms? We're using a 2.6.9
    variant and a cciss driver with MSI/MSI-X support. The kernel has MSI
    enabled. On ia64 the MSI-X table is all zeroes. On Intel x86_64
    platforms the table contains valid data and everything works as

    If I understand how this works the Linux kernel is supposed to program
    up the table based on the HW platform. I can't find anything in the ia64
    code that does this. For x86_64 and i386 it looks like the magic address

    #define APIC_DEFAULT_BASE 0xfee00000

    Anybody know why this isn't defined for ia64? Any answers, input, or
    flames are appreciated.

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