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SubjectRe: wrongly marked __init/__initdata for CPU hotplug
> This is nasty.  init() calls do_basic_setup() which calls
> do_initcalls(). init is normal text. do_basic_setup and do_initcalls
> are .init.text. gcc has inlined do_basic_setup and do_initcalls into
> init, even though they have different section attributes. Naughty gcc.
> This was using GCC: (GNU) 4.0.2 20050901 (prerelease) (SUSE Linux).
> Log a gcc bug. Not a good omen for the idea of letting gcc decide when
> to inline!

Someone should file a bug in the gcc bugzilla then I guess.
Can you do that or should I?

> Looking at the C code for do_initcalls(), the reference is obviously to
> initcall_debug. I am puzzled about why the objdump lists
> when initcall_debug is really at

Ah thanks - ok i mislooked then. Anyways, it's not a bug.

> BTW, does anybody know why init() is not defined as __init?

Because it would crash then after returning from free_initmem.

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