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    SubjectRe: pthread_mutex_unlock (was Re: sched_yield() makes OpenLDAP slow)
    David Schwartz wrote:
    >> Kaz's post clearly interprets the POSIX spec differently from you. The
    >> policy can decide *which of the waiting threads* gets the mutex, but the
    >> releasing thread is totally out of the picture. For good or bad, the
    >> current pthread_mutex_unlock() is not POSIX-compliant. Now then, if
    >> we're forced to live with that, for efficiency's sake, that's OK,
    >> assuming that valid workarounds exist, such as inserting a sched_yield()
    >> after the unlock.
    > My thanks to David Hopwood for providing me with the definitive refutation
    > of this position. The response is that the as-if rules allows the
    > implementation to violate the specification internally provided no compliant
    > application could tell the difference.
    > When you call 'pthread_mutex_lock', there is no guarantee regarding how
    > long it will or might take until you are actually waiting for the mutex. So
    > no conforming application can ever tell whether or not it is waiting for the
    > mutex or about to wait for the mutex.
    > So you cannot write an application that can tell the difference.

    Not true. The code for the relinquishing thread could indeed tell the difference.

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