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    SubjectRe: CD writing in future Linux (stirring up a hornets' nest)
    Kyle Moffett <> wrote:

    > > [irrelevant discussion of other platforms]

    Incorrect, sorry. Do you really make Linux incompatible to the rest of the

    > > 17 Platforms _need_ the addressing scheme libscg offers
    > > 5 Platforms _may_ use a different access method too.
    > Wrong again:
    > 17 platforms need libscg's addressing
    > 4 platforms offer /dev/* access
    > 1 platform (Linux) _requires_ /dev/* access

    Your last line is wrong

    > You are perfectly free to adjust your compatibility layer accordingly.

    The Linux Kernel fols unfortunately artificially hides information for the
    /dev/hd* interface making exactly this compatibility impossible.

    > Personal attacks are offtopic, irrelevant, and rude. Please refrain
    > from doing so. If you don't plan to respond to somebody's email,
    > just don't, no reason to shout about it to a world who doesn't care.

    If you are against personal attacks, why didn't you intercede for the
    postings from Jens Axboe and Albert Cahalan?

    I am against personal attacks and this is the first time where it tooks
    more than a day before LKML people started with personal attacks against me.
    So in principle this is some sort of progress compared to former times.
    If you like to continue this discussion, I would like you to stay reasonable
    and help to keep the discussion stay based on technical based arguments.


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