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SubjectRe: CD writing in future Linux (stirring up a hornets' nest)
Albert Cahalan <> wrote:

> We Linux users will forever patch your software to work the

Looks like you are not a native English speaker. "We" is incorrect here, as you
only speak for yourself.

> BTW, before Joerg mentions portability, I'd like to remind
> everyone that all modern OSes support the use of normal device
> names for SCSI. The most awkward is FreeBSD, where you have
> to do a syscall or two to translate the name to Joerg's very
> non-hotplug non-iSCSI way of thinking. Windows, MacOS X, and
> even Solaris all manage to handle device names just fine. In
> numerous cases, not just Linux, cdrecord is inventing crap out
> of thin air to satisfy a pre-hotplug worldview.

Looks like you are badly informed, so I encourage you to get yourself informed
properly before sending your next postig....

libscg includes 22 different SCSI low level transport implementations.

- Only 5 of them allow a /dev/hd* device name related access.

- 11 of them use file descriptors as handles for sending SCSI
commands but do not have a name <-> fs relation and thus
_need_ a SCSI device naming scheme as libscg offers.
This is because there is no 1:1 relation between SCSI addressing
and a fd retrieved from a /dev/* entry.

- 6 of them not even allow to get a file descriptors as handles for
sending SCSI commands. These platforms of course need the SCSI device
naming scheme as libscg offers.


17 Platforms _need_ the addressing scheme libscg offers

5 Platforms _may_ use a different access method too.

NOTE: Amongst the 6 plaforms that do not allow to even get a file descriptor
there is a modern OS like MacOS X

BTW: the wording of your posting did give you a negative score.
If you continue the same way, it may be that your next posting will
remain unanswered even though it may be wring and needs a correction like this


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