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SubjectRe: 2.6.16-rc1-mm2 pata driver confusion
On Tue, Jan 24, 2006 at 01:43:20AM -0500, Ed Sweetman wrote:
> I have an nforce4 based motherboard. Currently i'm using the amd/nvidia
> driver under the normal ide,ata driver section (2.6.14).
> It appears that the new ata code is hiding under scsi/sata drivers,
> including apparently pata code. This alone reads confusing, pata

libata PATA support is under development. Use only if you feel lucky.
Really lucky. I mean, really really lucky.

> 1. Atapi is most definitely not supported by libata, right now.

Not true.

> 2. whether libata sets the controller up better or not, ide cdroms MUST
> be loaded before libata is or the ide controller will be detected as
> "already in use" and the cdrom drivers wont have any device to attach
> to, since unlike scsi drivers, ide drivers dont probe the hardware on
> controllers to see if any driver has claimed them.

Either use drivers/ide or libata for PATA, not both.

> 3. For hdd's alone, the pata libata + sata drivers are a "complete"
> replacement for the ide drivers and thus, if you dont have atapi
> devices, you dont need to compile in ide support.

Again, ATAPI works just fine.

> 4. moving to pata libata drivers _will_ change the enumeration of your
> sata devices, it seems that pata is initialized first, so when setting
> up your fstab entries and grub, you'll have to take into account how
> many pata devices you have and offset your current sata device names by
> that amount.

Enumeration of devices depends on which driver is loaded first.
Check your /etc/modprobe.conf.


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