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SubjectRe: GPL V3 and Linux
On 1/20/06, Jeff V. Merkey <> wrote:
> Cudos to Stallman, The patent retaliation clause is exactly what has
> been missing. The inclusion of custom binaries was a little vague, but
> the net of it is that the end user can combine the separate parts, and
> have the freedom to do so given the GPL3 terms. Any concensus on
> whether Linux will move to GPL3? I support adoption and congrats to
> Stallman -- A++++.
GPLv3 tends to get on top of the most braindead things ever known to
software development. It is, in fact, a one-too-many example of how a
person who cannot be seriously considered to be a computer programmer
tries to have his one-too-many revenge on companies which employ real
software developers and produce real world software. Someone should
probably put an end to these miserable efforts.

I am free of all prejudices. I hate every one equally.
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