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SubjectRe: Development tree, PLEASE?

--On January 20, 2006 5:00:54 PM -0500 Dmitry Torokhov
<> wrote:
> Are you volunteering?

I'd like to, but it's more than just an issue of time. The issue of how in
the heck to host such a thing is going back and forth now. This may yet
happen. not quite what I'd planned when I first started this
thread, but not completely outside of what I was expecting.

You want something done (right...or at all ;) ) ya gotta do it yourself. I
just don't want to completely be the lone ranger. If I do this as a public
effort it has to be useful to others. Because if I'm doing it as a private
effort, I can get sloppy and I don't have to maintain a web page or have
hosting bandwidth for it or repositories outside of the normal private svn
repo I keep. :)

Thanks for all those who've participated (and continue to participate) in
this discussion/debate. It's been very informative even if I started it
out badly.
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