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SubjectRe: [Alsa-devel] RFC: OSS driver removal, a slightly different approach
On Friday 20 January 2006 17:30, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> >> >If I understand alsa - oss emulation correctly, I think, this will be
> >> > not fixed soon (my opinion - never). This is too much work for too
> >> > little gain.
> >>
> >> On that way, I'd like to inquiry something:
> >> I have a card that works with the snd-cs46xx module.
> >> With the OSS emulation (/dev/dsp), I can only output 2 channels, and the
> >> other two must be sent to /dev/adsp. Is this intended? Would not it be
> >> easier to make /dev/dsp allow receiving an ioctl setting 4 channels?
> >
> >This is exactly like the case of emu10k1. The chip supports only
> >2-channel stereo streams. If you need a 4-channel interleaved stream,
> >you have to merge the data in two individual streams to a single
> >4-channel stream on software. Currently, this isn't handled in ALSA
> >kernel-space OSS emulation.
> Ah, so which I had created
> is The Right Thing?

This will work for your card, but not for emu10k1.

Peter Zubaj
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