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    SubjectRe: RFC: ipath ioctls and their replacements
    On Wed, 2006-01-18 at 21:39 -0800, Greg KH wrote:

    > Ok, that's fair enough. But if you want to do something like ptys, then
    > why not just have your own filesystem for this driver?

    If you think it's appropriate to implement a new filesystem to replace a
    single ioctl that returns two integers, we can probably do that, but
    more realistically, the GETPORT ioctl can probably live a long and
    untroubled life as another netlink message.

    > You are just making your own type of special interface up as you
    > go, so the complexity is also there (this complexity would normally be
    > in some core code, which I am hoping that your code will turn into for
    > other devices of the same type, right?)

    The most important chunk of likely common code I can see at the moment
    is the stuff for bodging user page mappings that we got hammered over
    already. The drivers/infiniband/ tree already has code that does
    something like this, and a few other not-yet-in-tree network drivers
    that support RDMA have similar needs, too.


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