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SubjectRe: 32 bit (socket layer) ioctl emulation for 64 bit kernels
Am Wednesday 18 January 2006 07:56 schrieb Shaun Pereira:
>  Assuming you are happy with the state of the patches, is there anyway
> for me to know if they will become a part of the next release?

I don't see any more technical problems with your patches. You still need
to proper patch description and Signed-off-by: line like it is described
in Documentation/SubmittingPatches.
You can add an 'Acked-by: Arnd Bergmann <>' line to the four
patches you posted last if you like.

> Usually submitted/reviewed patches to netdev does not not always
> guarantee they will be acccepted/signed-off.
> Any advice would be useful

I'm not that familiar with the process for non-driver patches for netdev
(nor for device drivers as it seems ;-)), but my understanding is that you
should address those to Jeff Garzik as well, asking for inclusion in the
netdev-2.6 git tree in your introductory '[PATCH 0/4]' mail.

Since the official merge window for 2.6.16 is now over (2.6.16-rc1 has been
released), it may have to wait for 2.6.17 to become part of the mainline
kernel, that probably depends on Jeffs judgement.

I would think it can still go in since it is a bug fix for the execution of
32 bit programs using x25 ioctls, but it's clearly not my decision ;-).

Arnd <><
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