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SubjectRe: wireless: recap of current issues (actions)
John W. Linville wrote:
> Actions
> =======
> I need to establish a public git tree for wireless. I would like for
> this to be on, but I haven't got an account established
> there yet. I've been dragging my feet a little, hoping that the
> account would materialize.

> Since we are toying with the issue of multiple stacks (at least in the
> wireless development kernels), some thought needs to be done w.r.t. how
> to make a final decision between the two stacks. An objective lists
> of functional feature requirements seems like a good place to start.
> IOW, I would like to have a list of features that would trigger the
> removal of one stack shortly after the other stack achieves support
> for the list. Is this feasible?

Also, an objective and honest list of problems with both stacks should
be considered...


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