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    SubjectA standard location to find 'vmlinux' to use for oprofile
    Cc'ing oprofile-list to see if anyone is interested in this topic.

    > > I've been pondering on using kernel-package to generate debug
    > > 'vmlinux' images which are used in tools like kernel crash dump
    > > analysis tools and oprofile[1].
    > > Currently I'm running 'make vmlinux' after generating a package, but
    > > it would be convenient if 'vmlinux' is included somewhere like
    > > /usr/lib/debug/lib/modules/`uname -r`/vmlinux (which seems to be the
    > > case with RedHat[2]).
    > Support for this is already there -- if the config var
    > install_vmlinux is set, and your architectures make snippet defines
    > where to find the vmlinux, and where to install it, you are done.
    > So, just provide data about kelfimagesrc and kelfimagedest for
    > files in /usr/share/kernel-package/rulesets/arches/, and then anyone
    > can set install_vmlinux to get the end result.

    The remaining problem is that we don't really have a standard location
    for 'vmlinux'.

    For most cases, you can find the required file in
    /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build/vmlinux

    but that's only available when you've built the kernel on that machine
    and have the build tree lying around.

    This is what oprofile currently does:
    oprofile-0.9.1/gui/oprof_start_config.cpp: /* Guess path to vmlinux based on kernel currently running. */
    oprofile-0.9.1/gui/oprof_start_config.cpp: string const vmlinux_path("/lib/modules/" + version
    oprofile-0.9.1/gui/oprof_start_config.cpp: + "/build/vmlinux");
    oprofile-0.9.1/gui/oprof_start_config.cpp: kernel_filename = vmlinux_path;

    It would be nice if it's possible to obtain the location information
    somewhere, in a distribution-agnostic manner.

    dancer@{,} Debian Project
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