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SubjectRe: RT Mutex patch and tester [PREEMPT_RT]
On Thu, Jan 12, 2006 at 01:54:23PM +0100, Esben Nielsen wrote:
> turnstiles? What is that?

Please, read. Now tell me or not if that looks familiar ? :)

Moving closer an implementation is arguable, but it is something that
should be considered somewhat since folks in both the Solaris (and
FreeBSD) communities have given a lot more consideration to these issues.

The stack allocated objects are fine for now. Priority inheritance
chains should never get long with a fine grained kernel, so the use
of a stack allocated object and migrating pi-ed waiters should not
be a major real world issue in Linux yet.

Folks should also consider using an adaptive spin in the __grab_lock() (sp?)
related loops as a possible way of optimizing away the immediate blocks.
FreeBSD actually checks the owner of a lock aacross another processor
to see if it's actively running, "current", and will block or wait if
it's running or not respectively. It's pretty trivial code, so it's
not a big issue to implement. This is ignoring the CPU local storage


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