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    SubjectRe: [2.6.15-git6,-git7] hard lockup on FC4 exiting X (Intel I915)
    On 1/12/06, Dave Airlie <> wrote:
    > > startx, fire up a gnome-terminal, exit it, Desktop->Logout...
    > > at this point the mouse arrow stills and the box locks up,
    > > keyboard dead, no response to pings.
    > >
    > Normally I'd accept blame for this, but I've not merged up yet, so at
    > a guess the mutex patches probably did something... if not the some
    > PCI ones perhaps..
    > I don't suppose you can get a serial console hooked up (probably no
    > real serial on that machine) or a netconsole..

    Will plug both laptops in my router and try netconsole when I get
    back home later tonight, and report back...



    "Somehow all you ever need is, never really quite enough, you know"

    (Bruce Springsteen - "Reno")
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