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SubjectRe: FAT and Microsoft patent?
On 1/11/06, Christopher Friesen <> wrote:
> Roger Heflin wrote:
> > The patent upheld is for long filenames on a FAT filesystem, not
> > for FAT in general.
> It appears that Microsoft specifically lists three patents, but they're
> all related to long filenames.
> > Not a major thing to go without.
> True.
> > It would be nice it the original poster would have done 30 seconds
> > more research before posting.
> The question still holds in modified form...will we need to remove this
> functionality, or is it currently implemented in a way that does not
> infringe on the patent?
> Chris

The linux-kernel implementation could be argued to be needed for
inter-operation with a parallel install of windows on a dual boot
machine ;)

Greetz, Antonio Vargas aka winden of network

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