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SubjectRe: Why the DOS has many ntfs read and write driver,but the linux can't for a long time
Hi, Denis,
> Andrew, I think this is a rare (on lkml at least) case when guy
> does not want to participate in development in a Linux way
> but wants to just pay for development instead:
> "I want this <hardware> to work good under Linux. I want to pay
> up to <sum> to whoever will agree to do that. Anybody?"
Well, yes. I want my hardware to work properly. And, given amount of problems with my current setup and _knowing_
how much time it will take for me to debug them by myself , I'm deciding that in the end run it will be faster and more efficent to
pay relevant people to fix bugs in subsystems they write/maintain than to participate in (sometimes) never ending bugfix mode.

> Do not dismiss him lightly. There are LOTS of people which aren't
> hackish at all. An order of magniture more than 'us' computer geeks.
> M$ is successful because it uses this resource.
> We may want to think how can we use it too.
Well. Regarding myself, your assumptions are totally wrong.
My Linux experience started in 1995, as an admin/coder, and since 2000 I'm Linux-only almost 100%
And up to some point I was fixing bugs that were critical for me in kernels I was using.
But now, given amount of other tasks before me (my regular daily/nightly job) , to spend a few weeks to
understand why my WiFi starts to drop packets after resume is more than I could afford.

Managing your Territory since the dawn of times ...
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