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SubjectRe: [OT] ALSA userspace API complexity
On Thu, 5 Jan 2006, Heikki Orsila wrote:

> > > err = alsa_simple_pcm_open(nchannels, sampleformat, samplingrate, frames_in_period /* 0 for automated default */ );
> > > err = alsa_simple_writei(); /* handless signal brokeness automagically */
> > > alsa_simple_close();
> >
> > Well, it's better to create only "fast parameter setup" and "default error
> > recovery" functions.
> As long as all applications PCM code can be written into 10-20 C lines.
> That includes: opening device, writing pcm data and closing the device.

I've added snd_pcm_set_params() and snd_pcm_recover() functions into
alsa-lib (they're a bit experimental and I'm still waiting for any
feedback from others).

The "minimal example" can be reached at:

> > > Basically ogg123/mpg123 like applications would only need 3 alsa calls.
> > > Now everyone reimplementing their own buggy versions of simple mechanisms.
> >
> > While "official" examples exists for a long time.
> btw. your official examples don't work on simple PCM playback didn't
> work when I last time tried. Sorry, I can't remember details because it
> is so long ago.

Any bug report? We don't have a crystal ball to fix bugs without any


Jaroslav Kysela <>
Linux Kernel Sound Maintainer
ALSA Project, SUSE Labs
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