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Subject2.6.15-$SHA1: VT <-> X sometimes odd
Approximate sequence of event:

1. script which builds allmodconfig on 11 targets is left on otherwise
idle machine. Logged in on VT1. Logged of X.
2. After 5 hours I return, ensure script behaves OK, switch to X and see
black screen.
3. Now, trying to switch between VTs and X gives nothing but black
4. Alt+SysRq+K. After several seconds black screen switches to black
screen with text cursor in the upper-left corner.
5. Futher attempts to switch and SysRq+Ki'ing gave nothing.
6. In a minute or so X login prompt reappeared. Mouse os OK. Keyboard is
not. In particular, typing username doesn't work.
7. By some miracle, typing became OK (probably after I hit Ctrl, not
sure). I login to X successfully and fire up mutt to mail bugreport.
8. Devil turned me to switch to VT again...
9. goto #5.
10. Cold reboot.

The overall feeling is that X left without human interaction starts to
reacts slooowly (probably after blanking kicks in?).

This is semi-reproducable, as in, I can't reproduce it at will but the
very same thing occured yesterday.

Now version numbers. All the above happened with

Yesterday it was 2.6.15-5367f2d67c7d0bf1faae90e6e7b4e2ac3c9b5e0f or
2.6.15-0aec63e67c69545ca757a73a66f5dcf05fa484bf, I don't remember. These
are just top entries in grub.conf.

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