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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.13] x86_64: Make trap_init() happen earlier - dropped
On Thursday 08 September 2005 18:37, Tom Rini wrote:
> It can be handy in some situations to have run trap_init() sooner than the
> generic code does. In order to do this on x86_64 we need to add a custom
> early_setup_per_cpu_areas() call as well.

The patch is totally broken and causes crash even under light load
(just found it after a lengthy binary search)

> +void __init early_setup_per_cpu_areas(void)
> +{
> + static char cpu0[PERCPU_ENOUGH_ROOM] __cacheline_aligned
> + __attribute__ ((aligned (SMP_CACHE_BYTES)));

The original code does

/* Copy section for each CPU (we discard the original) */
size = ALIGN(__per_cpu_end - __per_cpu_start, SMP_CACHE_BYTES);

perhaps end-start is larger than PERCPU_ENOUGH_ROOM ? (using defconfig)

Dropped from my tree for now.


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