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    Subject[PATCH] new kallsyms approach
    (Note: Patch only attached due to size restrictions.)

    This patch provides al alternative to the pre-exisiting kallsyms code.
    That code, from a kernel debugger perspective at least, suffers from
    incomplete information, making it impossible to
    (a) disambiguate multiple static functions of the same name (in
    source files),
    (b) determine a complete set of attributes for a symbol (namely, the
    symbol's size, but also its type, which gets converted to an nm-like
    character representation), and
    (c) retain full section information

    This new approach basically makes handling core kernel and module
    the same, by retrieving the kernel's section, symbol, and string
    rather than parsing the system map.

    At once it adds the functionality to strip unneeded symbols from
    which results in non-neglectable space savings for typical
    (which large amounts of modules).

    Signed-off-by: Jan Beulich <>

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