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Subject[patch 0/4] ide: Break ide_lock to per-hwgroup lock
The following patchset breaks down the global ide_lock to per-hwgroup lock.
We have taken the following approach.

1. Move the hwif tuning code from probe_hwif to ideprobe_init, after
hwif_init so that hwgroups are present for all the hwifs when the tune
routines for the hwifs are invoked (patch 1)

2. Change the core ide code to use hwgroup->lock instead of ide_lock.
Deprecate ide_lock (patch 2)

3. Change the host controllers to use hwgroup->lock (patch 3)

4. Change host controller drivers to use per driver lock instead of ide_lock
where needed or hwgroup->lock on case by case basis. This can be done
incrementally for various controllers and we will have working code between
patches -- this is done now for piix controller only. Eventually,
we can change all controllers to remove ide_lock

Thanks to Bartlomiej for comments and suggestions.

Patchset follows. Patchset tested on a smp box with a piix controller.

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