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    Subjectreal read-only [was Re: GFS, what's remaining]

    > > > - read-only mount
    > > > - "specatator" mount (like ro but no journal allocated for the mount,
    > > > no fencing needed for failed node that was mounted as specatator)
    > >
    > > I'd call it "real-read-only", and yes, that's very usefull
    > > mount. Could we get it for ext3, too?
    > This is a bit of a degression, but it's quite a bit different from
    > what ocfs2 is doing, where it is not necessary to replay the journal
    > in order to assure filesystem consistency.
    > In the ext3 case, the only time when read-only isn't quite read-only
    > is when the filesystem was unmounted uncleanly and the journal needs
    > to be replayed in order for the filesystem to be consistent.

    Yes, I know... And that is going to be a disaster when you are
    attempting to recover data from failing harddrive (and absolutely do
    not want to write there).

    There's a better reason, too. I do swsusp. Then I'd like to boot with
    / mounted read-only (so that I can read my config files, some
    binaries, and maybe suspended image), but I absolutely may not write
    to disk at this point, because I still want to resume.

    Currently distros do that using initrd, but that does not allow you to
    store suspended image into file, and is slightly hard to setup.

    if you have sharp zaurus hardware you don't need... you know my address
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