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    SubjectRe: RFC: i386: kill !4KSTACKS
    Adrian Bunk wrote (ao):
    > 4Kb kernel stacks are the future on i386, and it seems the problems it
    > initially caused are now sorted out.
    > Does anyone knows about any currently unsolved problems?
    > I'd like to:
    > - get a patch into on of the next -mm kernels that unconditionally
    > enables 4KSTACKS
    > - if there won't be new reports of breakages, send a patch to
    > completely remove !4KSTACKS for 2.6.15
    > In -mm, Reiser4 still has a dependency on !4KSTACKS.
    > I've mentioned this at least twice to the Reiser4 people, and they
    > should check why this dependency is still there and if there are still
    > stack issues in Reiser4 fix them.
    > If not people using Reiser4 on i386 will have to decide whether to
    > switch the filesystem or the architecture...

    FWIW: I use Reiser4 for several months now on several i386 systems, and
    I always remove the "&& !4STACKS" from fs/reiser4/Kconfig and enable

    # zgrep -E 'REISER4|4KSTACKS' /proc/config.gz
    # CONFIG_REISER4_DEBUG is not set

    Also using lvm2, or raid1, or raid5, on ATA, SATA or SCSI. I haven't
    experienced any problems yet, but the systems don't see heavy usage too.

    Kind regards, Sander

    Humilis IT Services and Solutions
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