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SubjectRe: nfs4 client bug
On 9/4/05, Bret Towe <> wrote:
> On 9/4/05, Francois Romieu <> wrote:
> > Bret Towe <> :
> > [...]
> > > after moving some files on the server to a new location then trying to
> > > add the files
> > > to xmms playlist i found the following in dmesg after xmms froze
> > > wonder how many more items i can find...
> >
> > The system includes some binary only stuff. Please contact your vendor
> > or provide the traces for a configuration wherein the relevant module
> > was not loaded after boot. It may make sense to get in touch with
> > then.
> the 'binary only stuff' is ati-drivers kernel module and it crashs
> with or without it
> ill provide a 'untainted' trace as soon as i can repeat the bug again

ok without ati-drivers kernel module loaded the computer basicly just
hard locks when
some bug hits dunno if its the same item

to repeat it tho one needs laptop-mode enabled have xmms playing music
(flac in my case)
which resides on nfs then just put the computer under some local load
for a little bit
till which im guessing it needs to clear some memory or somethin and
it hits this hard lock
or the errors i mailed previously when ati-drivers is loaded
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