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Subject2.6.13-mm1 login fails (RE: 2.6.13-mm1: hangs during boot ...)

>As for the inability to log in, this bug may be relevant,
>given I also had
>that problem:
>There are fixes in the pipeline for util-linux audit
>interaction in Fedora as
>well. I know because I reported those too ;)
>> after the scsi initialization which I don't normally see.
>I've attached
>> the scsi initialization output. The PF_NETLINK error
>messages after the
>> login prompt in this output are created whenever I try to log in or
>> connect via ssh.
>The workaround by enabling audit support, but obviously a
>better fix is in the
>I'm surprised more people aren't discovering these
>'interactions' due to
>having audit not turned on. Does everyone build audit into
>their kernels?

This sure made my FC4 test boxes hard to use!

CONFIG_AUDIT=y indeed did the trick.

When will I be able to delete CONFIG_AUDIT from my kernel again?

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