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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] Framework for automatic Configuration of a Kernel
On Tue, 27 Sep 2005 17:51:06 +0200 Emmanuel Fleury wrote:

> Ahmad Reza Cheraghi wrote:
> >
> > Again another good Idea. Your right;-) Its better.
> > But it better getting another way of detecting the
> > Hardware/Software etc. from the System without using
> > lspci or the proc-files...? Something that gets all
> > the Hardware Information directly from the I/O and not
> > from the Kernel. The good thing about lspci is that it
> > does both . But it doesnt say if there is a CDROM or
> > floppy-disc... I tryed alot to search for something
> > like that but without any success. I heard about this
> > Otopia Project. I google after it but I didnt find
> > anything usefule. I think its dead.
> I might be wrong, but I don't think that there is any other way to get
> hardware information but through the /proc or /sys interface.
> Can somebody comment on this ?

You can use libpciutils (whatever lspci uses) to enumerate
PCI devices (but I wouldn't, I'd just use lspci :).

You can clone lsusb to enumerate USB devices... but I would
just use lsusb.

You can probably clone 'pnpdump' to enumerate ISA PNP devices.
But I would just use pnpdump.

There's probably a ieee1394/firewire enumeration program.

You won't be able (safely) to discover ISA devices/ports.
(other than "standard" cnipset/motherboard devices)

Anyway, I would just use the existing tools unless there are
things that you must have that they don't provide.

You can't do anything without having to do something else first.
-- Belefant's Law
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