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    SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] Re: 2.6.13-mm2

    On Wednesday, 28 of September 2005 23:07, David Brownell wrote:
    > > > > ok. i didn't look too close, but i think ohci-hcd does not fully disable
    > > > > interrupts in it's suspend callback...needs a closer look.
    > > > > cc:ing linux-usb-devel...
    > > >
    > > > It's handled in hcd-pci.c ... All PCI based HCDs release their IRQs
    > > > when they suspend. Including OHCI. Your diagnosis is incorrect.
    > >
    > > would you be kind enough to tell me where?
    > There's only one free_irq() line, and it gets called the first time
    > through usb_hcd_pci_suspend(). QED.
    > > my point is: the test patch i sent to rafael which comments out the
    > > free_irq-on-suspend thing in hcd-pci.c shows that something is wrong with
    > > USB (i think only OHCI. UHCI looks ok and about EHCI i have no data).
    > Your logic escapes me, since your patch affected all three PCI HCDs.
    > If that's wrong for one, its wrong for all three.
    > And as I just commented to Rafael, here are two better things to try
    > instead of believing a diagnosis that's clearly wrong:
    > - 2.6.14-rc2

    This one works obviously, as it contains the patch that adds acpi_pci_link_resume()
    ( The patch is
    not present in -mm though, AFAIK, so I can test the latest one, if you want me to,
    but I think it won't work.

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