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    Subject[ANNOUNCE] Framework for automatic Configuration of a Kernel
    Hi folks,

    For my EndThesis, in the Niederrhein University of
    Applied Sciences, I've almost finished a framework
    that generates a .config file based on the target
    system.This program should help people to generate a
    linux kernel Config without spending a lot of time at
    the configuration.

    The basic idea of the framework is, that you can
    specify in the Kconfig files a script which
    auto-detect if the hardware involved in this option is
    present or not (the script reply 'y' or 'n'). It's up
    to the interface to choose what to do with the answer.

    This framework is now in its test stage. It works on
    my Acer Laptop(TM291LMI with Pentium M and Radeon
    9700). That means, that the framework is functional
    but additional scripts have to be written for other
    of hardware/functionality (far away from completed).

    The code of this framework has been in a Kernel-Patch.
    Since the Patch has a huge size(230kb), you can get
    the Patch from the given URL:

    To try it, just patch a 2.6.13 kernel with the patches
    following this
    mail and set the scripts as follow: chmod u+rwx
    Then, just type: 'make autoconfig' or 'make

    The 'autoconfig' will detect your hardware and
    automatically include in the kernel(as a biuld-in)
    whatever hardware is detected. The 'autochoiceconfig'
    will let you choose to include the feature or not when
    a hardware is detected.

    Any comments and suggestions are welcome !

    Ahmad Reza Cheraghi

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