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    SubjectUml showstopper bugs for 2.6.14
    Here's a short list of showstoppers for 2.6.14 release, from the UML point of 

    I and/or Jeff know about them, and Jeff might add some other ones. Also UML
    users are welcome (please in this case, especially if you aren't sure if
    you're experiencing a bug or a setup problem, don't CC directly Andrew
    Morton, but instead give me and Jeff a chance to act as a filter).

    I hope so to avoid the situation of 2.6.10 release, when a bunch of important
    fixes was in -mm, targeted at 2.6.10, but was merged *after* 2.6.10. That has
    not happened any more, but 2.6.14 has a shorter release cycle, so I'm

    I initially read 2.6.14 ETA's was around October 7, when is it now?

    However, here we go with the showstoppers (mostly regression):

    1) I broke SKAS3 with the last merge. The fix is trivial, I just want to
    stress-test it a bit more this time (and run the original LTP failing test
    case, i.e. copy_from_user(dest, (void*) -1, n)).

    2) problems with UBD (i.e. _the_ uml block driver): this is pretty dangerous
    and untrivial to fix, even if the code exists.

    with the UBD rewrite to use AIO merged before 2.6.14-rc1, the UBD driver does
    GFP_KERNEL allocations under spinlocks and can have a deadlock (there's an
    host IPC pipe, whose buffer can get filled causing the kernel to sleep). Jeff
    Dike has the fixes for this, but they're not trivial, so he's working on
    them. I think he could send them to Jens Axboe, when he feels them ready.
    Agreed, Jeff?

    3) I've a problem with KBUILD_OUTPUT, just fixed, recently introduced. Going
    to properly test the fix and submit it.

    4) Not a regression:
    I have a bunch of fixes for HPPFS, which went under a review from Al Viro. I'm
    incorporating his suggestions, but the patches are invasive, so probably it's
    better to defer them to 2.6.15. I'm not sure, though.

    Jeff, have you any further notes to add?
    Inform me of my mistakes, so I can keep imitating Homer Simpson's "Doh!".
    Paolo Giarrusso, aka Blaisorblade (Skype ID "PaoloGiarrusso", ICQ 215621894)

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