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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] suspend: Cleanup calling of power off methods.

    > >> The S4 suspend code for PM_DISK_PLATFORM was also calling
    > >> device_shutdown without setting system_state, and was
    > >> not calling the appropriate reboot_notifier.
    > >
    > > ACK on both. But should not you submit patch via -mm, so it gets at
    > > least some testing there?
    > The code is obviously correct, and the people with the problem
    > have reported that this approach solves it.
    > If this bit of functionality is to even work we need to do
    > something like this.
    > So I don't see what benefit putting this in -mm would give. If
    > I was aggressive I would say that this needs to be in 2.6.13.N.
    > If I'm not following some procedure I don't have a problem
    > changing though.

    I think you are not following the proper procedure. All the patches
    should go through akpm.
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