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SubjectQuery: How fix: `ide_generic_all_on' defined but not used??
Hi there,

With 2.6.14-rc2 allmodconfig with CONFIG_ISDN_I4L=n I get:

drivers/ide/pci/generic.c:45: warning: `ide_generic_all_on' defined but not used

static int ide_generic_all; /* Set to claim all devices */

static int __init ide_generic_all_on(char *unused)
ide_generic_all = 1;
printk(KERN_INFO "IDE generic will claim all unknown PCI IDE storage controllers.\n");
return 1;

__setup("all-generic-ide", ide_generic_all_on);

How to silence this type of warning?

Other "defined but not used" warnings in 2.6.14-rc2 are:

grant@sempro:/opt/linux$ grep "defined but not used" errorlog |cut -d: -f1|sort|uniq
drivers/net/cs89x0.c appears okay?
drivers/scsi/BusLogic.c caller is '#if 0' out, but is nightmare code ;)
drivers/scsi/NCR5380.c heaps of 'em, me not go there
drivers/scsi/NCR53c406a.c [0]
drivers/scsi/fd_mcs.c [0]
drivers/scsi/fdomain.c appears okay? nested #ifdef -> hard to tell
drivers/scsi/ncr53c8xx.c [0]
drivers/video/fbmem.c [0]

[0] similar to drivers/ide/pci/generic.c above

Query: "< > Old ISDN4Linux (obsolete)" (CONFIG_ISDN_I4L) turned off to get
compile completion, should this be marked BROKEN in Kconfig?

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