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    SubjectRe: [Patch] Support UTF-8 scripts
    D. Hazelton wrote:
    > This is a bogus argument. You're comparing the way a _binary_
    > executable works to the way an interpreted _text_ script works.
    > execve(), at least on my system, isn't capable of running a script -
    > if I want to do that from a program I have to tell execve() that it's
    > running /bin/sh and the script file is in the parameter list.

    This being the linux-kernel list, I assume your system is Linux, no?
    Well, on Linux, execve *does* support script files. This is the whole
    point of my patch - I would not propose a kernel patch to improve
    this support if it weren't there in the first place.

    > While I appreciate that the kernel is capable of performing complex
    > actions when execve runs into a file that is not an a.out or elf
    > binary I have yet to see a "binfmt script" option in the kernel
    > config files ever.

    It's not a config option because it is always enabled. See
    fs/binfmt_script.c for details. It wasn't integrated into the binfmt
    system until I made it so some ten years ago, though.

    > On the other hand, there is the "binfmt_misc" option, which does the
    > work that you seem to be looking for and can, AFAIK, be set to handle
    > both ASCII and UTF-8 scripts. Why add the complexity to the kernel
    > when it's not needed?

    One shouldn't add complexity if its not needed. However, this patch
    does not add complexity. It is fairly trivial.

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