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    SubjectRE: A question about sceduling
    >>-----Original Message-----
    >>[] On Behalf Of Roy Lee
    >>Sent: 2005年9月16日 15:16
    >>Subject: A question about sceduling
    >>I'm tracing the scheduling code of 2.6.12.
    >>During the process creation, the parent process would let the child process
    >>execute first to avoid the COW overhead.
    >>In wake_up_new_task():
    >> if (!(clone_flags & CLONE_VM)) {
    >> /*
    >> * The VM isn't cloned, so we're in a good position to
    >> * do child-runs-first in anticipation of an exec. This
    >> * usually avoids a lot of COW overhead.
    >> */
    >> if (unlikely(!current->array))
    >> __activate_task(p, rq);
    >> else {
    >> p->prio = current->prio;
    >> list_add_tail(&p->run_list, &current->run_list);
    >> p->array = current->array;
    >> p->array->nr_active++;
    >> rq->nr_running++;
    >> }
    >> set_need_resched();
    >>It sets the flag to notify the kernel to reschedule.
    >>But, the child has the same priority as it's parent and is the at the "tail"
    >>of that priority queue.
    list_add_tail(&p->run_list, &current->run_list) means insert the child into run list before parent (current)., not the tail of that priority queue.

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