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SubjectRe: Automatic Configuration of a Kernel
On Thu, 15 Sep 2005 16:18, wrote:

Wasn't I being optimistic :) but hey, it's good to see that many modules.

> > I'd prefer for something to select the modules necessary for my hardware.
> > I can't afford the time to keep up to date with that's new and what
> > isn't, what has changed, what has been superseded, which module works
> > with which device, chipset even, etc...
> I'm of the opinion that if you don't have that much time, you should be
> using a distro kernel where somebody *else* is taking the time. If you're
> the type that builds their own kernel, the *last* thing you want is a tool
> glossing over the fact that a module has been superceded. Who's going to
> take care of the matching changes for /etc/modprobe.conf and similar
> userspace changes, and other stuff like that? (I figure if 'make oldconfig'
> asks a question, I should take notice, and any userspace changes that don't
> get made are my fault - and if 'make oldconfig' switches drivers on me
> without asking, that's a *bug* that lkml will hear about.. ;)

This is exactly why I switched to Gentoo and use gentoo-sources kernel.

However, keep in mind that when I do 'make oldconfig', more often then now the
help on new options is insufficient to make a decision on whether or not
something should be included.

Secondly, I'd love to know exactly what sort of hardware is inside my laptop,
but funnily enough I find out the chipsets and vendors by running lspci.

Marek W

2b | !2b
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