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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.13 5/14] sas-class: sas_discover.c Discover process (end devices)
On 09/14/05 14:47, James Bottomley wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-09-13 at 15:42 -0700, Patrick Mansfield wrote:
>>So adding a W_LUN at this point does not add any value ... maybe it looks
>>nice in the spec and in someones firmware, but it does not add anything
>>that I can see.
> Well I agree with the analysis, but even given that, we have a linux
> implementation problem: We have to get an inquiry response first before
> we begin a report luns scan. An array implementing a W_LUN is entitled
> not respond on LUN 0 to INQUIRY with an error, which would mean we don't
> see it.
> Therefore, I think our strategy has to be when the current probe fails
> because of no LUN 0 try a report luns scan on the W_LUN anyway as long
> as the transport indicates it is capable of supporting it (i.e. as long
> as it has max_luns set at 0xffff or higher).

Alternatively, you can see how this is all properly implemented
in the SAS Layer which I posted last week.

All indications point to the fact that you had indeed taken
a look at the code.


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