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SubjectRe: HZ question
Stefan Smietanowski wrote:
> Mark Hounschell wrote:
>>>Tim Schmielau wrote:
>>>>Do you also want to know about CONFIG_PREEMPT, SMP, current load, future
>>>>load in order to estimate the delay you want to ask for?
>>>Are not CONFIG_PREEMPT, SMP, and current load, all determinable from
>>>userland anyway? Why not HZ?
> And with dynamic HZ?
> Do you want
> a) The HZ that was used when we booted
> b) The HZ that is currently used (say 22, but could be 573 in 0.1s)
> c) The MIN HZ (if there is such a thing and it is configured)
> that the kernel will use.
> d) The MAX HZ (same) that the kernel will use.
> Or do you want USER_HZ?
> Or are you after something else entirely.
> // Stefan

If dynamic HZ means dynamic timer resolutions I don't want it at all.

I guess the 'terms' John just used, ie timer resolutions, as opposed to
HZ was maybe what I really should have asked for to begin with.

However since they are both bascially the same or at least one derived
from the other......?

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