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SubjectRe: git tag in localversion
On Tue, Sep 13, 2005 at 04:31:27AM -0400, Ryan Anderson wrote:
> My suggestion would be to classify these wherever they would fall if the
> -gXXXXXXXX wasn't present, as they fall into the same category.

I was considering doing this last night.

OTOH if I do that, I should merge the -git(\d+) in the same category

> They won't get as much testing, but if you see 5 or 10 of these in the
> same category and -rc range, that's a good indication that a few people
> are testing those kernels.

Right now I simply moved them from unknown to the mainline branch, but I
still leave them separated like the -git(\d+) tags.

I probably should change that and merge after removing hte -g and -git
tags (of course without discarding the tag but showing it after clicking
on the kernel release).

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