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    SubjectRe: [PATCH - Resend] PNPACPI: only parse device that have CRS method
    Hi Meelis

    Meelis Roos wrote:
    > mc> this patch blacklist device that don't have CRS method as there are
    > mc> useless for pnp layer as they don't provide any resource.
    > I tried it on my laptop (Toshiba Satellite 1800-314). It removed one
    > device from PNP bus, 00:0c, id = TOS6200, no options (as shown by 2.6.13).
    > I hoped it will notice something different about my SMCf010. It's
    > onboard IRDA that is disabled by BIOS. But the device is still there
    > with your patch and still does not work.
    > The background: it's disabled by BIOS. PNPBIOS could activate it
    > (haven't tried since PNPACPI came). PNPACPI could not activate it -
    > activate worked, resources showed resources but smsc-ircc2 got still no
    > configuration (chip itself was not reprogrammed?). The speculation was
    > that it's because of missing CRS in ACPI tables but this device did not
    > disappear with your current patch.
    > Any ideas about getting it to work with PNPACPI - or should I just

    You could try if
    you haven't yet tried it ?

    > declare my ACPI BIOS broken and revert to PNPBIOS on this laptop? Do you
    > want seome more ACPI debug info than last time?
    You could always use pnpacpi=no (or something like that) to disable
    pnpacpi and use pnpbios (IIRC this one worked).


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