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    SubjectRe: 2.6.13 freezes during acpi wakup with wake-on-lan
    "Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin" <> wrote:
    > I am working with an IBM X31 laptop running Redhat FC5 with 2.6.13
    > kernel. I need to get wake-on-lan working for mobile systems power
    > management experiments that we are performing in my lab.
    > The kernel is configured to use ACPI (pertinent kernel configuration
    > excerpt follows message).
    > When I put the laptop into "mem" suspend state (exact procedure follows
    > message), and then wake it up with a magic packet to it's NIC, I get an
    > infinite number of error messages and a frozen computer.

    The ACPI guys have rather a backlog, I'm afraid. It'd be best if you could
    raise a report against ACPI at, please.

    I don't think you identified the type of NIC, btw.
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