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    SubjectRe: USB Storage speed regression since 2.6.12
        Salut Brice :)

    * Brice Goglin <> dixit:
    > Le 01.09.2005 13:36, DervishD a écrit :
    > > The lack of speed seems to affect only the OHCI driver. My test
    > > was done over a PCI USB 2.0 card, ALi chipset, OHCI driver (well
    > > EHCI+OHCI) and using a full speed device capable of 12MBps. The
    > > average measured speeds are:
    > >
    > > - 2.4.31: about 450Kb/seg
    > > - 2.6.11-Debian: about 800Kb/seg
    > > - about 820Kb/seg
    > > - 2.6.12.x: about 200Kb/seg
    > > - 2.6.13: about 200Kb/seg
    > Are you mounting this storage with vfat and 'sync' option ?

    Yes, that may be the problem, but I think that is not the only
    problem, see below.

    > IIRC, sync support for vfat was added around 2.6.12, making
    > write way slower since it's now really synchron.

    The fact is that if I mount the device under 2.4.31 using the
    'sync' option, the speed are the ones shown above, but if I mount
    them with 'async', the speed is that of the light ;) I mean, the
    'sync' option is doing something even in 2.4.31. The same applies to
    2.6.11, but I have to test in 2.6.12 & 13.

    Thanks for your help. If the problem is just that, the sync
    option, I'll drop a note to the mailing list. Merci mille fois ;)

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

    Linux Registered User 88736 | &
    It's my PC and I'll cry if I want to...
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