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    SubjectRe: [HELP] How to get address of module
    > > I'm looking for *nice* way to get address of loaded module in 2.6.
    > > I'd like to know the address from driver.
    > Maybe explaining why you need the address of a module would help.

    I'm currently writing a driver to diagnose/monitor the error, such as
    core dump.

    I inserted some hook in kernel, and when segfault occurs, control is
    transfered to my driver to analyze.

    If the cause is in some insmod'ed module, then I would like to get
    info of that module. If I get the address of that module, I can get
    info such as symbol name defined by that module, etc. Then I could say
    in module mmm, at func fff, at addr xxx, there is segfault.

    Core dump could be in userspace app, so, in the driver I'm writting now,
    I'm using same data structure to hold info of ELF file. If it was in app,
    I'm getting address from current->mm->mmap->vm_start.

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