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SubjectRe: x86_64 frame pointer via thread context
Dave Jiang wrote:
> Andi Kleen wrote:
>> Dave Jiang <> writes:
>>> Am I doing something wrong, or is this intended to be this way on
>>> x86_64, or is something incorrect in the kernel? This method works
>>> fine on i386. Thanks for any help!
>> I just tested your program on SLES9 with updated kernel and RBP
>> looks correct to me. Probably something is wrong with your user space
>> includes or your compiler.
>> -Andi
> I revised the app a little so that it would allow the threads to start,
> thus should prevent rBP w/ all 0's showing up. Below are some of results
> that I've gotten from various different distros and platforms. As you
> can see, the f's shows up on most of them, including Suse 9.2. The only
> one showed up looking ok is the Mandrake/Mandriva distro. I'm not sure
> how different SLES9 is from Suse9.2....

Replace call to sleep() with busy loop. Glibc's sleep() uses %ebp for
its own data, so when you interrupt sleep(), you get rbp=(unsigned int)-1,
as rbp really contains 0x0000.0000.ffff.ffff when nanosleep() syscall
is issued.

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