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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] abstract out bits of ldt.c
    Chris Wright wrote:

    >* Zachary Amsden ( wrote:
    >>Does Xen assume page aligned descriptor tables? I assume from this
    >>patch and snippets I have gathered from others, that is a yes, and other
    >>things here imply that DT pages are not shadowed. If so, Xen itself
    >>must have live segments in the GDT pages, so how do you allocate space
    >>for the per-CPU GDT pages on SMP?
    >early during boot.

    Doesn't that require 16 pages per CPU? That seems excessive to impose
    on a native build. Perhaps we could get away with 1 page per CPU for
    the GDT on native boots and bump that up to 16 if compiling for a
    virtualized sub-architecture - i.e. move GDT to a page aligned struct
    for native (doesn't cost too much), and give it MACH_GDT_PAGES of space
    which is defined by the sub-architecture.

    Let's take this thread over to as well.

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