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    SubjectRe: Outdated Sangoma Drivers
    Simon Morgan napsal(a):

    >I couldn't help noticing that the Sangoma drivers distributed with the
    >current kernel are slightly out of date and was wondering whether there
    >was any reason for this?
    >For example the kernel copy of sdla.c was last updated Mar 20, 2001 while
    >the version contained in the drivers distributed on[1] was
    >last updated Dec 15. 2003.
    this is letter from sangoma:
    the sdla.c is not Sangoma's file :) or if it is it should be erased.
    The sdla.c
    has not been used since 2001.

    It is true that wanpipe drivers are not part of linux 2.6 kernel. We have
    been so busy developing that there is no way the linux kernel could
    keep up with the changes.

    Bottom line we have to put a whole new wanpipe driver into the kernel
    source, and that is a big task.
    It is much easier for us to ask people to use our drivers from the web.
    Once the wanpipe drivers stop changing so fast we will be able
    to push the new release into the kernel. It doesn't make sense to do it
    because if anyone wants to use wanpipe, that person would have to
    get the latest drivers from the web!

    So what do you think we would do?
    Add some lines to Kconfig with address of ftp sangoma?
    Delete old version from the tree and wait for the new one?
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