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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix voyager compile after machine_emergency_restart breakage
James Bottomley <> writes:

> [PATCH] i386: Implement machine_emergency_reboot
> introduced this new function into arch/i386/reboot.c. However,
> subarchitectures are entitled to implement their own copies of reboot.c
> from which this new function is now missing.
> It looks like visws will also need a similar fixup

Yes, except it looks like it can benefit from a real
machine_emergency_restart, if the smp_send_stop in
there is the one I am familiar with.

My apologies I am always finding the subarchitecture support
on x86 non-intuitive. When you are looking at the primary
code path there is nothing to indicate that there is
a secondary code path out in the machine specific files.
Most other architectures have a machine vector so
you can compile for multiple subarchitectures simultaneously
and then switch between them, at run time. With an optimization
that if you only compile for one subarchitecture the indirect
function call overhead disappears.

Anyway I will see about generating the trivial patch later today.

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