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Subject[RFC] Move InfiniBand .h files
I would like to get people's reactions to moving the InfiniBand .h
files from their current location in drivers/infiniband/include/ to
include/linux/rdma/. If we agree that this is a good idea then I'll
push this change as soon as 2.6.14 starts.

The advantages of doing this are:

- The headers become more easily accessible to other parts of the
tree that might want to use IB support. For example, an NFS/RDMA
client probably wants to live under fs/
- It makes it easier to build IB modules outside the tree, since
include/linux gets put in /lib/modules/<ver>/build. I realize
that we don't really care about out-of-tree modules, but it is
convenient to be able to develop and distribute new drivers that
build against someone's existing kernels.
- We can kill off the ugly

EXTRA_CFLAGS += -Idrivers/infiniband/include

lines in our Makefiles.

The disadvantages are:

- It's churn with little technical merit.
- It makes it a little harder to pull the OpenIB svn tree into a
kernel tree, since one would have to link both drivers/infiniband
and include/linux/rdma instead of just drivers/infiniband. This
problem goes away if/when OpenIB shifts over to a new source code
control system.

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